parasight (upcoming)

parasight grows out of a faded faith in the future. If previous generations worked for a better future, today that seems uncertain, perhaps even impossible to imagine. How can we create a present that remembers the apocalypses that humanity has already caused? What does that do to our future imagining? And how does an image of the future—or the absence of an image—direct our present?

parasight combines dance with interactive sculptures that light up when moved or activated in particular ways. The sculptures are programmed into a network, parasitically transmitting data to one another: when one object lights up, the rest respond in a chain-reaction. This means that each human interaction affects the entire system of objects. Over the course of the dramaturgy, the interferences accumulate, which over time overloads the system until it finally collapses. The work embodies a human-technological reciprocity that leads to mutual destruction. Yet the ends don't end. parasight choreographs both an apocalypse and a plausible future.

parasight explores what apocalyptic dramaturgies could be and the many ways destruction can look like. It is a performative installation where the audience is invited to move around the space and interact with the e-textile sculptures, thus affect the pace and dramaturgy of the apocalypse. At the end, the sculptures remain as a post-apocalyptic installation in the space.

parasight is a work for all ages.

Residencies: Riksteatern Stockholm 2024, MDT Stockholm 2023, Balettakademien Stockholm 2023

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Photos by Hedda Tingskog
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