gry tingskog


Gry Tingskog (they/them) works with choreography together with dance, sculpture, technology, DIY programming and text, making experimental scenic and sensorial experiences. Mostly in the dark. Curious about dances that aren’t primarily mediated through their visibility, Gry's choreographic research engages various mediums to investigate how a dance can take place more in the body and imagination of the audience, rather than on stage in front of them. Their works seek to animate human and more-than-human bodies to disrupt normative conceptions and representations of dancing bodies. Oriented by the politics of queering, traversing ethics, methods and aesthetics, Gry's practice moves across disciplinary borders and conventions.

Gry is currently active performing warp and the upcoming project parasight. Their practice moves between making performances in a collaborative manner, imagining collaborative formats for sharing practices, performing, teaching and writing. Their work has been presented in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway and France in theatres as well as in museums.

In 2017 Gry co-initiated INSISTER SPACE, an artist-run organisation imagining choreographic methods to rethink and reorganise artistic work in practice. They were also part of founding höjden, a trans-disciplinary workspace for artists and cultural workers in Östberga, Stockholm.

As a performer they have worked with, among others, Benoît Lachambre, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Myriam Lefkowitz, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Eliisa Erävalo, Isabelle Schad, Ellen Söderhult, Chloe Chignell, Rodrigo Andreolli and Luis Garay.  

Gry is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden and Frankfurt, Germany. They hold a MA degree in Choreography and Performance from the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen, and a BA degree in Dance Performance from DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts. Gry was awarded the danceWEB Scholarship in 2019, Anders Sandrews Utbildningsstipendium in 2019, DAAD 2020-2021 and DIS-TANZEN 2023.


choreographic work

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cultural policy & discursive work