I object!

I Object! is an interdisciplinary performance integrating dance, sculpture and installation into a choreographed rest. The performance aims to disrupt the subject-object dualism by siding with the object. As a verb, ’object’ connotes a positioning, a resistance and a protest. This work indulges in the art object as an act of resistance, an active positioning and agent. I Object! departs from the exhausted body as an objection to today’s hyper-capitalist society and the conditions, bodies and subjects it entails. It sides with the object for empowerment and rest, reclaiming a body that is burnt out, exhausted, worn out and consumed. These exhausted bodies are a possible feminist revolution, loudly objecting to a society that sacrifices bodies for economic profit.
They revolt.

Welcome to the resting revolution.

I Object! includes five dancers and three life sized, human-shaped textile sculptures slowly morphing between different notions of object and subject. This piece weaves together threads of installation and performance into a choreographed rest, inviting the audience into horizontality.

With and by Oda Brekke, Maia Means, Tuuli Vahtola, Emma Strandsäter and Gry Tingskog
Choreography Gry Tingskog
Sculpture, costume, sound and light Gry Tingskog
Trailer Elin Magnusson
Photos Elin Magnusson and Gry Tingskog
With support from Inter Arts Centre, INSISTER SPACE and Weld.

Previous performances:
coyote Stockholm 2019
Spring Clean/Marabouparken Stockholm 2018
Weld Stockholm 2018
Inter Arts Center Malmö 2018